Sagi Team. Excellence in Security.

Sagi Team, one of the top security firms in Israel, a leader in the field of security for entertainment centers in Tel Aviv, was established in 2008 in memory of Sagi Or OBM.
Since its establishment, Sagi Team has been supplying its security services in response to a growing demand for professional and skilled security systems, setting new standards in Club Security, public and private Event Security, and in providing V.I.P Security for businesspeople and artists – both in the business and social – tourist fields.

Sagi Team. It’s all about the people.

Sagi Team offers a rare combination of know-how and proven experience, advanced technologies and quality manpower, which includes approx. 200 skilled, honest, service-oriented and presentable employees, among which are: security guards, bouncers, watchmen, personal bodyguards, security advisors, security officers, stewards, and V.I.P stewards.
Sagi Team employees who pass the company’s strict screening and recruitment system receive favorable terms of employment and enjoy a family-like, empowering and challenging work environment. In addition, the company’s employees undergo advanced training within the company’s intra-organizational training system, headed by Sagi Team Chief Security Officer – who is an expert on mass event security and an experienced VIP bodyguard.

Sagi Team. Customized Security.

Here at The Sagi Team we provide professional consulting and guidance to customize our security services to your needs. As part of our umbrella services, we develop your security file (“Field File”) and handle all permits required by the security and rescue authorities. In addition, The Sagi Team will install advanced monitoring, protection, and security means as required, and will supply two-way radio devices, metal detectors and any other specialized security equipment that may be required.
The Sagi Team co. fully collaborates with the Israeli Police force. It has been determined an “Eligible Operation” and has an arms room with dozens of different types of weapons. The Sagi Team holds all relevant security permits allowing it to work in the security field and complies with all Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Justice standards applicable to event security.

Join Sagi Team clientele and enjoy the perfect security package to provide a full sense of security for any event and any occasion!

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