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The Sagi Team has been the leading security company for Tel Aviv entertainment places, listing some of the city’s most wanted and successful nightclubs – big and small alike – as its clients.

The Club Security Plan – Your Peace of Mind

As part of our club security activities, The Sagi Team experts closely collaborate with the Israeli police and with its approval create a designated comprehensive security plan for your club – according to club size, event type and parameters of the crowd to take part therein.
This designated security plan enables The Sagi Team to provide a full professional response to all weak points that are bound to cause trouble, keeping unwanted guests out of the club, preventing violence and vandalism, and ensuring the safety and security of all party attendees, without affecting their enjoyment or dampening their spirits.

The Sagi Team Club Security Circles

• Peripheral security to prevent a terrorist or a criminal element from getting close
• Armed bouncers at the entrance, who are trained to identify suspicious behavior
• Security for kitchen passageways to prevent cold arms from being smuggled into the club area
• W.C. security to prevent rapes and violence
• Emergency exits security
• Security guards with laser indicators at observation posts to mark and isolate problematic elements
• Overt and covert security guards within the crowd as deterrents and quick responders
• Interference, backup, and reinforcement team for every possible scenario, and more.

צוות שגיא - אבטחת אירועים

Sagi Team advanced security methodology, work procedure strictness, security guards who are skilled in identifying and preventing violent acts, along with its quality control system, involving drills, training, and debriefing to check security and service levels in real-time mode – all come together to ensure your guests a fun, secure and safe evening, more than ever!

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