Event Security means The Sagi Team!

Over the many years of its operation, the company has accumulated a great deal of experience in mass event security, in a number of fields:

• Security for event gardens
• Security for exhibitions
• Security for sports events
• Security for public institutions and municipalities
• Security for ceremonies and conferences

Event security starts with meticulous planning

As part of our umbrella services, The Sagi Team is involved with every stage of the event planning: The Sagi Team security specialists will create a detailed Field File for you to ensure security of mass events, customized to your type of event, its location and scope. The Field File is created in-house by The Sagi Team and designed to define the logistic control solutions for the large crowd expected to attend the event, while maintaining its security and safety. The file identifies threats and possible failure points and will provide solutions for any possible security scenario, in full collaboration with the Israeli police and security and rescue authorities.

The people behind Event Security

The Sagi Team will setup and operate the security checking and detail for you at the event and will put at your disposal a professional, self-disciplined, and presentable team who are highly service oriented. This skilled team includes the head of security, team heads, armed security guards for safety-deposit boxes, security screeners, parking attendants and VIP area stewards, who will ensure that your VIP guests receive personalized attention.

The entire security team will be supplied with uniforms according to the nature of the event, and with security equipment as necessary: two-way radios, flashlights, numerator stamps, metal detectors, laser indicators, first aid kits and more.

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